Most seniors would prefer to have some input into the dispersal of their assets and the final celebration of their life. Final Expense burial insurance can help cover costs and allocate resources more efficiently for end-of-life preparation. Older people who have taken care of their families for their entire lives don’t want to stop until all of their affairs are settled. Starting a discussion about funerals and other end-of-life responsibilities might seem uncomfortable, but seniors and other family members usually feel relieved to find solutions.  For many families, one of the largest issues is coming up with the money to make sure everything can get handled in an organized, dignified, and stress-free way.

Conversations with thoughtful, considerate life insurance agents can have a positive impact on those left behind. It’s tough enough to tend to the details and contend with the sadness that surrounds a final goodbye. United Agent Resources equips agents with tailored, brandable fact finders that uncover the assets, debt concerns, and health conditions that need to be understood to create the most appropriate life insurance coverage solution. Most adults can be accommodated by one of our many carriers, regardless of health or age.

United Agent Resources partners with reputable life insurance carriers to address the unique and changing needs of the young, the old, and those balancing the responsibilities of midlife.  We strive to give agents the best chance at obtaining coverage for their client with the first application they submit, rather than sending in unvetted applications and hoping for the best. We’ll help you pre underwrite cases as necessary, but we’re also proud to partner with a life carrier that will provide Point-of-Sale Approval.

That’s right! United Agent Resources has a carrier that offers: 

  • 12 Straightforward Health Questions
  • Fixed Premium
  • Built-in Terminal Illness and Nursing Home Rider
  • Policy Approval During Phone Interview
  • With Paperless Process, Policy Mailed in 48-Hours
  • Social Security Benefit Billing- Increases Retention
  • Agent Lead Bonus
  • The Most Affordable Rates of Our 50+ Companies
  • Immediate and Graded Coverage
  • Fully Commissionable Policy Fee
  • Bi-weekly Commissions

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